Why Ravenstone?

Why is Ravenstone so special?  What makes us distinctive?  Why do parents apply to Ravenstone?

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Find out what Ravenstone Parent's have to say about our school


‘My child loves Reception, he has made lots of new friends and everyone has integrated really well.’

‘She loves it and loves all the homework. She really enjoys playing and always wants to come to school.’

‘My child came in half way through and she settled really quickly. She loves the teachers and I feel her reading is progressing really well.’

‘I have had two daughters in Reception, they have both loved their teachers and come home full of ideas about things they have learnt and things they want to do at home.’


‘She’s really come out of her shell and really grown in confidence.’

‘It was a huge step up and the first term was really challenging, since then I have been amazed by his reading and writing and the depth of his learning.’

‘He has loved the sport and loves Morris. He has made great friends which he didn’t do at his old school.’

‘In September he didn’t like the lack of toys but he loves literacy and loves writing stories. I can see real progress with his handwriting. I have also noticed that he is making emotional connections with his learning.’

‘He loves Mrs McMillan!’

‘Miss Austin is a diamond!’


‘They have all made big steps emotionally and academically.’

‘Miss Sutton is the best thing since sliced bread. What she has done for my child is amazing.’

‘My child needs boundaries and the teachers are firm but fair.’

‘This has been a breakthrough year. It is a great team, they are committed and the children have learnt a huge amount and enjoyed themselves.’

‘He has so much fun and has learned a lot.'


‘The thing I've noticed most about the class is that the children are very supportive of one another.’

‘My daughter started late in the year and settled in straight away thanks to the kind teachers and the lovely children in the class.’

‘My Y3 daughter loves Ravenstone, and in the 4 years she's been at the school, she's looked forward to coming in every day!’

‘She enjoys the school - we enjoy the school. There is a fantastic culture going on in the class which reflects well on the school.’

‘The children are happy and learn lots of new topics. The school has a great community spirit.’

‘Ravenstone has a nice community spirit and everyone's proud of the school. Our daughter looks forward to going.’ ‘Teachers provide a fun and stimulating environment.’


‘He has enjoyed all the changes and has been very happy this year.’

‘This year has really built her confidence, she has started to really know her own mind. She is happy beyond words and loves her teacher’

‘From the Stone Age through Ancient Egypt to the Amazon Rainforest, Year 4 has been a wonderful journey.’

‘I am very pleased with her achievements, she has really enjoyed her teacher and has loved Art, PE and ICT.’

‘This has been a very good year, she has really enjoyed the subjects and the teaching. She has enjoyed all her friends and I’m very pleased with her report.’


‘The year has flown by and this is the happiest he has ever been.’

‘I really liked knowing who their next teacher was earlier than before and the handover has been brilliant this year.’

‘It took them longer to settle but they have worked really well, I really like how focused they are and how they are learning life skills.’

‘A fantastic year, all the teachers have been fantastic and I have been so impressed with all the changes since January.’

‘An excellent year. She has grown in confidence, loves both her teachers and I’m really pleased she has been so happy.’

‘He loves the Launch Pad and is much more confident and happy.’


‘The Year 6 Leavers’ party brings in to sharp focus what we’ve always known – a great school, with great teachers helping our kids be as great and as happy as can be! The school is going from strength to strength!’

‘Our experience of Year 6 has been entirely positive. She has blossomed and that is down to her inspiring teachers and the wonderful atmosphere and support at Ravenstone. Thank you for all the great years.’

‘She has blossomed since the Nursery and I remember her immediately loving the Wendy House and of course the llamas at the summer party! The school has been full of fun, soul and love.’

‘Ravenstone is an amazing school, all the teachers and staff are so friendly. I want to say thank you for all the support you have given my daughter.’

‘She has had lots of fun at school. ‘Speaking to students and families they have all had a great time and we will all miss the school. It is a very, very good school.’

‘My daughter has had an amazing time at Ravenstone, she is going to miss it.’

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