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Our amazing new structure was completed over half term and officially opened on Monday 2nd November.  Members of the playground committee children and staff cheered as Sadiq Khan cut the ribbon.

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'Thank you all for coming out on this very special Monday morning to our exciting opening of your new climbing frame. We are so proud of all the hard work that has gone into the amazing fundraising efforts over the past couple of years, by so many people.'

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The Friends of Ravenstone is incredibly successful and we are one of the highest fund raising primary schools in the country.
The funds raised by FoR activities are put to excellent use throughout the school. Here are some examples of the FoR’s contributions over the last few years.
Mathletics.  FoR pay this annual subscription to Mathletics to ensure that every children receives a login which enables them to have hours of fun and learning on the Mathletics site - both at school and at home.  Check it out… www.mathletics.co.uk
School journey Osmington Bay. The FoR contributes to the costs of this annual trip for our Yr 6 children. The FoR’s contribution ensures that all children that want to are able to attend this fun-filled time away.
Class Trips. The FoR subsidises class trips across the whole school to ensure that all our children are able to visit some of the most interesting and educational places in and around London.
Theatre Groups.  Contributions from FoR ensure that we can continue our tradition of inviting exciting and innovative theatre groups into the school to perform for and with the children.

The School Music Programme. Our school offers an incredible musical experience and this is in part due to FoR funds. The FoR has funded the purchase of two pianos and makes a significant contribution to the tuition and instruments in use by Year 4 pupils.
The Playground. Our playground is the envy of many and the FoR has played a significant role in its development. Plenty of funds and volunteer time have been spent on; the trim trail, the shelters, sports equipment, storage, planting, refurbishments, seating and the fabulous log tangle!
Library. The FoR funds have been used to refurbish, carpet and decorate and also to purchase many books.
IT. Are you bowled over by the quality and range of the IT facilities available to our children and teachers? The FoR funds have subsidised the interactive white boards and the ICT suite as well as contributing to purchase the iPads the children use in their classrooms.
The big screen. The FoR purchased the screen in the lower hall that is used for both educational and social purposes.
Yameriga. The FoR has supported the Yamergia school garden project. This project has allowed the school to grow their own food to feed the children. Hunger is one the biggest problems the school faces and their garden project is helping the school to become self-sufficient.
Nursery kitchen. The kitchen in our nursery was paid for and installed by the FoR.
Large format printer. The FoR bought the school’s large format printer, allowing for outstanding quality and full colour documentation, promotional posters and teaching materials.

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