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We are committed to improving communication and involving all parts of the Ravenstone community in the development of the school. We have always conducted pupil voice surveys and parent questionnaires but this year we have expanded this by including staff voice and giving parents the opportunity to express their views directly in our Celebration Evening.

On this page you will find information about how we gather the views of the Ravenstone community, results of surveys and quotes from members of each group. We also plan to include a ‘You said…, We did …’ section to keep everyone up to date with developments!

Pupil Voice

The term ‘pupil voice’ refers to the ways of listening to the views of pupils and involving them in decision-making, to engage them as active participants in their learning and encourage them to make positive contributions to their community. We already have a well-established School Council, however this year the children have also developed their own Class Charters and we have recently conducted a survey of all the children from Reception to Year 6 to give them the opportunity to express their views on what is going well and what areas we need to develop. The results of the survey are being analysed and we will publish them later this term.

Some comments from School Council;

‘The displays and new floors make Ravenstone look brighter and friendlier than ever!’

‘There have been clear changes in behaviour round the school; lunch is more enjoyable and quiet and the environment more positive.’

‘I think the school has improved because the children hold doors for each other and are more careful in the lunch room.’

Click the links to see the results of our pupil survey.

Summary of answers


Staff Voice

The teaching staff have been given a chance to express their views in a questionnaire and this will be extended to include the support staff later this term.

Some comments from the teaching staff;

‘The changes in the environment have brightened the school and it’s wonderful to see how we are celebrating the children’s work and how much progress we have made as a school.'

‘ The website and the weekly updates are great for communication.’

‘There is a clear long term strategic management plan.’

‘There is an increased sense of structure and protocols for supporting the smooth running of the school.’

‘Teaching and Learning has clearly improved through feedback and support.’

'Showcasing has helped me develop as a teacher and really ‘show off’ my teaching skills and what the children have learnt.’

‘Getting to know the governors more and feeling that they are much more involved.’   

Parent Voice

We have collated your views from the  Celebration evening and you can download a copy here

Every week we have asked parents for their views on the school for our newletters.

Here are a few.

‘She enjoys the school - we enjoy the school. There is a fantastic culture going on in the class which reflects well on the school.’

‘A fantastic year, all the teachers have been fantastic and I have been so impressed with all the changes since January.’

‘It was a huge step up and the first term was really challenging, since then I have been amazed by his reading and writing and the depth of his learning.’

Click the link to read them all in one place.

Parents' quotes

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We are committed to providing the children of Ravenstone with an education that will equip them for the future.
We will do this through providing a range of educational, physical, aesthetic and social experiences.
These experiences will be of high quality, grounded in high expectations.
They will constantly be monitored and evaluated for their effectiveness.