Legacy Giving 

 As a school we receive a wide range of financial donations and contributions and we wish to thank these people publicly using this page. 

Some parents and ex-pupils have been kind enough to ask about giving to the school. We’ve got lots of ideas but these are top of our priority list at the moment: 

Playground equipment: £20 to £1000

Larger playground redevelopment: £30,000

Playground landscaping: £5000

Trip contributions: £10 to £100

Upgrading our Interactive whiteboards: £1200 per screen

Ravenstone Supporters 

Date Name Contribution Area improved  Comments
Autumn 2017 Matthew Spencer £100 Musical instruments for the Nursery Matthew offered to purchase resources for the Nursery and it was decided as a team that musical instruments would be a good enrichment of the curriculum the for the pupils.
Summer 2017 Neil Mills (ex pupil) £750 Trip contribution

Neil was a member of the school in the 1950s and has fond mememories of the school and wants to ensure all pupils have wonderful experiences hence the contributions made to school trips. Neils tag line is 'keep smiling'.



We are very appreciative of financial support but there are lots of other ways to contribute to the school. If you’d like to join our reading or maths volunteers, get your hands dirty in the school garden, come in and talk to our children about your job or hobby (etc) we’d love to hear from you. 

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