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Our Sports Coach Morris runs 2 squads, the Junior Team for the children in Years 3 and 4 and the Senior Team consisting of children in Years 5 and 6. These are open to all and children have to show an interest and commitment as they are expected to train during their lunch breaks. Morris has a squad of approximately 50 children for the Senior Team and 60 children for the Junior Team. The teams that represent Ravenstone in competitions are chosen from these squads.



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July 6th was the day of Quadkids at the London Youth Games held at Crystal Palace.  Our team of 10 athletes has already beaten all other schools in Wandsworth and yet again we were asked to represent the whole borough at an event for all inner and outer London boroughs.  This time we were up against 32 other teams in 4 different events: 600 metres, long jump, the howler and finally 70 metres sprint.  After a slow start with the dreaded 600 metres we then came in to our own, breaking personal bests and winning heat after heat.  Morris was aiming for a top 10 finish, Mr Croft went higher wanting a top 5 finish..our team of Anna, Olivia, Gabriella, Mary, Natiah, Maxwell, Frank, Nyaal, Andrew and Seif returned in 4th place!  This is an incredible achievement and we are so proud of the hard work and dedication they, and their coach Morris have shown throughout the year.  An outstanding performance!

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March 22nd was the day Ravenstone took on the whole of Inner and Outer London - the London Youth Games.  Approximately 1600 schools are eligible to compete in this competition and they then fight it out to become champions of their Boroughs and then their regions, the top 12 Boroughs are then invited to compete at Crystal Palace.  Ravenstone was representing the whole of Wandsworth and we are all incredibly proud of their result which was 5th place.  This achievement should not be underestimated, their talent, enthusiasm and sheer hardwork got the team this very well deserved result, a day we hope they will remember with pride for a long time.


March 14th was the day for the junior athletics team to show how brilliant they are.  Morris took a team of children from Year 3 and 4 (and a special mention must go to Isra in Year 2) to compete in their Sportshall final.  For many of them it was their first experience of a competition but they all performed to the best of their abilities and justifiably came home as very clear winners and gold medals.  We are so proud of all of them, they are a very talented team and they are a credit to the school and to Morris who has coached them to such a high level.  Watch out Wandsworth, we have got another brilliant team on their way!

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A new event for our children - water polo!  On March 10th our swimming coach Sarah, took a team  of children to the Latchmere Leisure Centre to play in a 'friendly' competition against 4 other schools.  Even though the children had not played before they were brilliant and returned with 3 wins and a love of a new sport.  At Ravenstone we are firmly committed to trying out as many different sports as possible and this is one event we would like to keep on our calendar.  Well done to all our new water polo players!

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February 24th saw the Senior Athletics Team compete in the Southern heats for the London Youth Games, Sportshall Competition.  This time we were up against the champions from 7 different inner and outer London boroughs and the competition was fierce.  Our athletes battled throughout the competition, pushing themselves in every event and never giving less than their best.  We knew that the top 3 schools would qualify for the final and were delighted when we still hadn't been called out as they announced 4th position, but the best was yet to come - Ravenstone won the whole competition with a clear margin!  We are so proud of the whole squad who give up so much of their time to train and they all deserve every medal they win.  A huge thank you must also go to Morris who trains them to such a high standard and he was justifiably singled out for praise by one of the organisers as our children perform technically at such a high level - Morris you are a star!  We now go forward to the final at Crystal Palace on March 22nd where we will compete against the top 12 inner and outer London boroughs who have qualified out of the 31 boroughs who entered teams.  Good luck to you all, we are so proud of what you have achieved.


On January 31st our Senior Athletics team competed in the Wandsworth Sportshall Indoor Athletics Finals.  The top 6 schools in Wandsworth had battled through the heats to earn their place at the final.  It was a very tense day with the competition at an incredibly high level, our children gave 100% and returned as borough champions - there are 60 schools eligible to enter this competition so to win the whole event is an incredible achievement!  The team now goes forward to compete at the London finals, representing Wandsworth Borough.  Fingers crossed for the champions we will be cheering you all the way!


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Article ImageJanuary 17th and it was the heats for The Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics Competition.  The Senior Athletics Team competed against 13 local schools and produced a spectacular performance.  From winning the very first race until winning the final race the team performed brilliantly.  They competed with skill, determination and most importantly having lots of fun.  There were so many stand-out performances but a special mention has to go to N'Ziah in Year 3 who ran (and beat!) Year 6 boys, there were some very jealous coaches at the other schools.  We came away as overall champions, the boys and girls both winning their events and we now go forward to the finals at the end of January.  Miss Dowler and Morris were very proud of all the children - what a team!



Article ImageThe Senior Athletics Team took part in their first competition this season on January 12th.  Thirty athletes from Years 3-6 travelled to Tooting Leisure Centre to compete in the Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics Competition.  It was a nail-biting day as they competed against 11 other local schools, with the lead changing hands several times.  The whole team performed brilliantly, supporting each other and congratulating children from other schools for their performances.  We are very proud of the whole team and are thrilled to announce the girls won their competition, the boys won their competition and Ravenstone returned as overall champions!  This is an amazing achievement, with many children competing for the school for the first time.  A huge thank you to every child who competed, we are proud of every single athlete and also to our coach, Morris Tolaram, without whom these results would not be possible.



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London Youth Games - Crystal Palace     July 3rd
Ravenstone represented Wandsworth at The London Youth Games and came a fantastic 11th out of the 33 Inner and Outer London Boroughs. Venus, Atlanta, Viviana, Zipporah, Anton, Magda, Tom, Malachi, Ayaan, Frank and Mykele ran, jumped and threw brilliantly and we are incredibly proud of them and Morris for their fantastic achievements. We were not just represented in athletics as Harry and Frankie swam for Wandsworth too, they were true champions as well and our congratulations go to them and Sarah & Laura.


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The swimming team all swam brilliantly, the girls were placed 2nd and the boys placed 3rd. 

All members of the team won medals, some in multiple events.  A fantastic achievement from all the swimmers and their coaches, Sarah and Laura.  Well deserved success after working so hard all year, congratulations!



Article ImageSaturday was the heat for the Wandsworth Primary Schools’ Gala.  The team competed against 9 

other schools and swam magnificently and returned as winners!  It was very close between us and the runners up and we are looking forward to competing against them again on June 6th.  The finals are at Putney Swimming Pool, come along and cheer on our swimming superstars!

Another month of sporting success!  With only a week’s notice Year 5 competed in Wandsworth Schools’ Football Championships and reached the semi-finals before being knocked out.  Morris reports that they played brilliantly and were very unlucky not to go all the way.

A huge thank you to our amazing coaches – who needs Jose Mourinho when you have Sarah, Laura and Morris coaching our sporting superstars


Our Sports Coach Morris runs 2 squads, the Junior Team for the children in Years 3 and 4 and the Senior Team consisting of children in Years 5 and 6. These are open to all and children have to show an interest and commitment as they are expected to train during their lunch breaks. Morris has a squad of approximately 50 children for the Senior Team and 60 children for the Junior Team.

The teams that represent Ravenstone in competitions are chosen from these squads.

Article ImageThere have been two competitions this term, The Wandsworth Sportshall Athletics Competition for the Junior Team and the qualifiers for the London Youth Games for the Senior Team. 


The Junior Team competed against 12 other teams and returned as Champions.

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The Senior Team won all their qualifying rounds and duly represented Wandsworth in The London Youth Games against the top 8 boroughs from Inner and Outer London, what an achievement from both teams!   Every single member of each squad deserves to be congratulated as they have all worked incredibly hard but a special mention must go to Freddie, Emily and Eden in Year 2 who made the Junior Team and Anna, Maria, Frank and Olivia in Year 4, who made the Senior Team.  Future Olympians 2024 and 2028?!


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The Senior Athletics Team finished their season in style representing Wandsworth at The London Youth Games.  This competition is for Inner and Outer London schools which means there are over 1800 schools eligible to compete.  The team ran, jumped and threw magnificently and we are so proud to announce that the girls came 4th and the boys came 6th.  This is an incredible achievement and we are justifiably bursting with pride.

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Not only should they be congratulated for their results but, as importantly, for the manner in which they competed, they supported each other in every race, congratulating and commiserating when appropriate but they also congratulated the other teams and their behaviour was impeccable.  We could not ask for anything more. 

Obviously our team is extremely talented but they would not 

Article Imagehave got to where they have without one person…Coach Morris.  He has worked so hard to develop them as athletes and a thank you is not enough, quite simply… Morris you are the 


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