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At Ravenstone, we strongly believe education is about much more than academic achievement. By providing a broad curriculum that includes art, music, cultural trips, involvement in sport and the performing arts, we aim to help the children to develop self confidence and lively, enquiring minds.

Going out...Located close to Balham Underground Station, we are well-placed to take the children out to experience, at first hand, the rich culture that London has to offer. Every term classes are taken on trips that include theatre, dance, galleries, museums, city farms.

Inviting others in...We invite artists, writers, poets and theatre groups into the school for workshops; and our children are regularly coached by professional sports people including coaches from Wimbledon.

All these elements go towards making our school a very special place.

We also want  to celebrate our achievements with the wider community. We have been developing the website as a window into our school to share what we do well. So much is going on it and we want everyone to know about it!


Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to our celebration evening and for your support and kind comments.

For parents who were unable to join us we have uploaded a PDF of the presentation.

Post Ofsted Celebration Evening Presentation


2014-15 was an eventful year for Ravenstone and we have had much to celebrate! We have put together a booklet outlining the achievements this year. Click on the link to read all about the developments.

A Celebration of the Developments of our School

Watch us perform the Big Dance 2014

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Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community