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Shekinah home Update: Samira's (Year 6) visit


Autumn 2017

Shekinah Home Update


Spring 2017

Ellen has just paid us her first visit of the new year 2017. She joined us for the Key Stage 1 and 2 Wednesday Music Assemblies to let us know the news from Shekinah Home.  Ellen thanked Ravenstone families for all their support. We have now been Shekinah Home’s partner for one year and can feel proud of what has been achieved during this time.

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Shekinah Home Update

Letter from Ellen


Thank you all for your generosity we have raised nearly  a £1000 since Ellen's visit!

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Shekinah Home Update


On Friday January 15th 2016 we launched our new international school link with Shekinah Home in

Ghana. Article Image

Ellen Annan joined us in Ravenstone for the whole day.  She spent time in every class, telling us about the challenges that the children have faced and how Shekinah has grown to become home to 30 children.  Her words were inspirational!

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At Work Assembly the newly elected representatives from Key Stage 2 presented Ellen with a cheque for £500 which will    be used to repair the minibus and allow the children to get to school safely.  Ellen had the opportunity to meet with some of the parents after assembly and at the end of the school day.  We look forward to her next visit when she returns in March.

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Ellen sent us a letter of thanks. Click the link to read it.

Letter from Ellen


We have worked in partnership with Yameriga School for many years and have helped them tackle some important issues. The village still has significant challenges but the new headteacher is working hard with local projects and things are improving. We feel that it is time to build a new link with a different community in Ghana and our fund raising efforts will be going to support the building of a home for street children near Accra, the Shekinah Children's Home.

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A round up of our fundraising last year.

The Yamstone Group has helped raised £6000 to help the children of Yameriga!

In July the group visited the Afrikids office.  Click the links to read about their incredible fundraising!

Big Smiles for Miles

Thank you Ravenstone

Autumn Update

Ravenstone and Yameriga School Partnership

Article ImageYameriga is a small remote rural village in N.E. Ghana

  • 2015 was the 14th year of our partnership
  • The Ravenstone community has supported many projects
  • Exchange visits have taken place – memorable for all!
  • Yameriga has the first school council in the area, developed with Ravenstone School
  • Ravenstone children have been very active in supporting the partnership

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Watch the video of our marching to celebrate our 10 year link with Yameriga.

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Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community