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At Ravenstone Primary School we ensure that everyone is included and feels valued through their learning and personal achievements.  We strongly believe in teaching to the need rather than a label. We promote positive attitudes to learning and ensure that every child is given opportunities to progress and reach their full potential, including those with additional needs. At Ravenstone we have a clear inclusion vision which is committed to ensuring that all pupils participate fully in all areas of school life and will be ready for the next stage in the education. 

If you want to contact the Inclusion Manager please call the school office or you can email

Important documents

SEND School Report

From July 2014, the Government published the New Code of Practice, which saw major changes to Special Educational Needs.   As part of the New Code of Practice every school in England and Wales had to provide a SEN School Report, which outlines what each school has to offer when considering Special Educational Needs for individual children.  Our SEND report will be updated in October  after a coffee morning with parents.
To read our SEN School Report please click the link below.

Ravenstone Statutory SEN School Report  2017

Ravenstone Inclusion Vision

Overview of Ravenstone Provision 2016-2017

Wandsworth Local Offer

In line with the new Government Guidance every Local Authority in England and Wales have to produce a Local Offer outlining what they have to offer for children with Special Educational Needs and Disability. Parents of children with SEND can self-determine, with expert advice, the support they require from providers within their locality. Young adults can search for services that match their requirements through person-centred planning, assisted by their own Key Worker or Independent Supporter.  The Local offer will bring together all the agencies within the Borough and how they facilitate, support and guide parents of children with SEND and young people with SEND. Click below to read more on the Wandsworth Local Offer.
Wandsworth Local Offer 2016-2017


At Ravenstone Primary school we have clear procedures and policies in place to support the development of pupils and to support staff to have a clear understanding of practices that are to be carried out which are set out within the policies.  The Inclusion policy outlines what Inclusion is at Ravenstone and how procedures are carried out.  The Policy has been written in conjunction with the SEN School Report.  To read our Inclusion Policy please click the link below.

Inclusion Policy- Updated Spring 2017

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Article ImageAt Ravenstone we firmly believe in providing academic, social and emotional support for all pupils.  There may be times in a child’s life when they may need additional emotional support.  At Ravenstone we have two ELSAs, one for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and the other for Key Stage 2.  Our ELSAs are Bea Patel and Alison Gibson


What is Emotional Literacy?

Understanding and coping with the feelings about themselves and others.

  • Developing high self-esteem and positive interactions with others.
  • Being emotionally literate helps children focus better on their learning.

Some of the areas our support staff may work on:                         

  • Recognising emotions
  • Social skills
  • Friendship skills
  • Anger Management
  • Loss and BereavementArticle Image

How does the Emotional Literacy Support work?

  • A regular slot during the school week for 30-40 mintues.
  • Sessions can be individual or in small groups and tailored to the child’s individual needs.
  • Sessions are fun and might include role-play, puppets, board games, art and crafts and stories.
  • They include time to talk.
  • A pupil’s progress will be reviewed on half-termly basis.

As a parent/carer, how can you help?

  • By informing the class teacher if there are any issues that may be affecting your child.
  • Please feel welcome to contact the Inclusion Manager, or your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.

ELSA has its own website; to visit the website please click the link below. 

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