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* THRASS stands for Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills

* THRASS is a whole school synthetic phonics programme for teaching learners of all ages and abilities using pictures and keywords. The programme has 10 Features, 4 Phases and 10 Stages

* THRASS helps learners to understand the building blocks of the English language.

  It teaches them about the 44 Phonemes (speech sounds) of spoken English and the 120 graphemes (spelling choices) of written English

* THRASS teaches learners that, basically, when spelling we change phonemes to graphemes and when reading we change graphemes to phonemes

* THRASS uses a multi sensory (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) approach to teach meta-cognitive strategies (thinking skills) that empowers learners with lifelong word- solving skills


Visit the THRASS website

Resources for teachers, assistants and parents:

* Sound It Out Software available from THRASS website

* Free Phoneme Machine:

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