OUR TARGET FOR 2016-17 IS 96.5%


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Thank you to the parents and carers for supporting us in achieving this target.  We are now working towards our 2017-18 target which is 96.5%.

Good attendance is a high priority with the Leadership Team at Ravenstone. Alongside all staff, the board of governors and the LA we believe it is essential that children attend school regularly if they are to achieve their potential. Absence not only adversely affects a child's attainment but also their personal and social skills.


We have reviewed our procedures and they are outlined below


An attendance review will be carried out at the end of every half term.

All children under 95% attendance will be sent a letter outlining their current attendance figure and improvements that need to be made (this will be cross referenced with authorised leave to ensure unnecessary letters are not sent out)


The Senior Staff will be monitoring: 

If attendance falls below 95%

Patterns of absence

Unauthorised absences


These children will then be on a watch list where their attendance will again be monitored for the following half term. During this period the attendance of that child will need to be above 95%

Once this period is over a letter will be issued either stating that the target of 95% has been met and the child will return to the normal monitoring routine or if the target has not been meet a formal meeting will be called.

If the target has not been met and a formal meeting is called parents will be invited in to meet with a member of the senior leadership team. A discussion will be had around issues for poor attendance, at which the EWO may be present.



The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm.

A member of the Leadership Team is in the playground each morning and afternoon recording the names and times of children who are brought in or collected late.

In the morning names begin to be recorded when all classes are in school, children are then deemed late. They must register with the member of staff on late duty or the office if the member of staff is no longer in the playground.

In the afternoon children are taken to the steps outside the front office at 3.20pm and names are recorded and the time of collection.

Lateness in the morning and afternoon is monitored on a weekly basis by the Leadership Team and letters are sent out when a pattern is seen.

The Education Welfare Officer will monitor punctuality as part of their safeguarding remit. Parents of a child whose punctuality is of concern are invited into a meeting to see where the school can offer support.

Request for leave term time holiday

 We will do all we can to encourage parents/ carers to ensure that the children in their care achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent this are identified and acted on promptly. Leave of absence can only be granted in exceptional circumstances and a request form must be completed. Click the link to download or request a copy from the school office.

Request for leave of absence form

Safeguarding is the 'golden thread' that runs through all we do as a school and children's attendance is something that we monitor closely as part of this. We have robust procedures that we follow when pupils transfer bewteen schools and also that we would follow if a pupil moved to another school without warning or went 'missing from education'.

In order for the school’s Attendance Policy to be successful, every member of staff will make attendance a high priority and convey this to the pupils at all times. Parents/carers need to support these views in the home to ensure that children are receiving consistent messages about the value of education.

As part of our aim to promote good attendance and punctuality we urge parents to have a look at "Every Day Counts" and "Lateness" links below to see the importance of attendance.

Every Day Counts


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